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Welcome to the North Carroll Soccer Club!!!

Fall Registration is now open, just click here to register.  The earlier you register, the more you save!  

Register before July 15th and it's $120.   Register after July 15th and it's $145. Don't pay more than you have to!  

Registration fees have increased $15 from last year.  We didn't want to raise our fees but we couldn't hold them anymore after not raising them in several years.   The increase was driven by the recreation council increasing their fee to us this year, needing to replace goals which are very expensive, and other rising costs.   We still believe soccer is competively priced and a good value.

North Carroll Soccer Club Apparel is available to order online for a short time. Select an item and then customize with different color choices.   Just click here!

Fall Soccer Information

Leagues: NCSC divides players into the following leagues based upon their age as of July 31, 2014: under 6 (soccer tots), under 8, under 11, under 14, and under 18. All leagues are divided by sex excepting the Under 18 league, which is co-ed.

Practices: NCSC will provide all necessary field equipment and adequate fields for teams to practice on a weekly basis beginning August 18th. Practices will be held on weeknights at local Elementary Schools. Times will be set by individual coaches (but usually begin after 5:30pm and run for 1 to 2 hours)

Games: NCSC will provide all necessary field equipment and adequate fields for teams to participate in weekly games beginning September 6th. NCSC will also provide two licensed referees for each game (excepting U6 clinic/games). Games are held on Saturdays at either Cape Horn Park or North Carroll Middle School except when weather forces us to postpone games. Some leagues may play a week or two of Friday night games under the lights at NCMS.

Weather: All weather decisions are at the discretion of the NCSC Council. Decisions regarding game and practice cancellations are made based upon field conditions (not actual weather) with consideration to the safety of the players involved. If lightening is visible or thunder is audible from the practice/playing field, all activities are to be stopped and players and spectators are to leave the field until 30 minutes following the last visible lightening strike or audible thunder.

Uniform: NCSC provides all players with a full soccer uniform with the exception of soccer-style cleats and shin guards. Players will receive a jersey, shorts, and socks. The full uniform must be worn at all games. Soccer-style cleats and shin guards must be worn by all players at all practices and games.

Player Evaluations: NCSC makes every possible attempt to field evenly matched competitive teams in every league. To accomplish this goal, we hold a player evaluation during the evenings on July 28th (U8), July 29th (U11), and July 30st (U14) 2014 at Cape Horn Park.


Missed a NCSC Newsletter? Here they are! Each newsletter has general information about soccer, our in-house league, and upcoming dates of importance. If you are not getting the newsletter, please join our email list as noted above!

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Dates to Remember:

May 1st - Fall Registration Opens

June 15th - Super Early Bird Discount Ends

July 15th - Regular Early Discount Ends

July 28th-30th - Fall Evaluations

July 31st - Fall Registration Closes

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