North Carroll Soccer Club
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 2023 NCSC Council

** Please note our email addresses have changed! **

President:  Nick Ervin;  Email:

Vice President:  VACANT; Email:

Boys In-House Coordinators:  

B13+ - Karen Rubin;  Email:

B12U - Stephanie Slack;  Email:

B9U - Sean Davis;  Email:

B6U - Matt Luzuriaga;  Email:

Girls In-House Coordinators:  

G13+ - Karen Rubin;  Email:

G12U - Elizabeth Warner;  Email:

G9U - Amy Schultz;  Email:

G6U - Matt Brady;  Email:

Travel Program Coordinator:  Chris Piper;  Email:

Registrar/Secretary:  VACANT;  Email:

Treasurer:  Patrick Zito;  Email:

Equipment Managers:  Janice Stencil and Will Smith;   Email:

Uniforms:  Mike Carringer;   Email:

Apparel:  Mike Carringer;   Email:

Fields Manager:  Alfred Hunt;   Email:

Referee Assignor:  Wil D’Addario;   Email:

Coaches Mentor:  Derek Graves;   Email:

Photography:  Charlene & Patrick Zito;  Email:

Corollary:  VACANT;  Email:

Social/Communications: Mercedes Pratt;  Email:

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