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  2. At least one parent (or responsible adult) must be present at all practices and games.
  3. During the game, spectators are to stand on the opposite side of the field from coaches and players. No coaches, players or spectators are to stand behind the goal.
  4. Shin guards must be worn at all practices and games. Shin guards must be worn underneath the player's socks.
  5. The uniform shirt must be worn as the outermost garment while a player is playing in a game. Goalies are to wear an outermost jersey that contrasts with both teams.
  6. Jewelry of any kind and watches may not be worn at practices or games. Earrings must be removed. No covering of the earrings with tape, Band-Aids etc will be allowed. Referees will be instructed to enforce this rule. This is a FIFA and U.S. Soccer rule and is put into place for the safety of all the players. Medical alert bracelets are allowed.
  7. Only soft hairbands and hair ties may be worn. No hard plastic or metal barrettes shall be worn.
  8. No metal spike shoes are allowed.
  9. No hard casts are allowed, even if wrapped.
  10. Referees are instructed to start the games on-time. The referee must complete the coin toss and player inspection prior to the start time. Coaches are reminded to have their players ready for inspection at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.
  11. Coaches or assistant coaches must stay until all players are picked up from either practices or games.
  12. Teach soccer. Coaches should put the welfare of the players before the results of the games.
  13. There is a no tolerance policy toward the abuse of referees, coaches, players or council members! Verbal abuse by coaches, players, spectators, or parents is prohibited and will not be tolerated. Any parent, coach, player or spectator who is in violation will be dismissed from the field by a referee or a council member. Anyone dismissed will be subject to further disciplinary action from the council which can result is expulsion from the league.
  14. If a player receives a red card during a game, they will be suspended from the remainder of the game as well as the entire next game.
  15. Players must play at least half of all games. This may or may not be all at one time. (This is a recreation council rule).
  16. Rain-outs or other postponed games will be rescheduled with the approval of the council president and the field manager. Coaches are not to reschedule or cancel games without the approval of the council president.
  17. Win/loss records (standings) will be maintained for all leagues older than 6U. The standings will be calculated by awarding 3-points for a victory and 1-point for a tie. Losses do not earn any points. Should there be a tie in total points earned, the two tiebreakers are (in order of use): a. largest goal differential. b. fewest goals allowed. (Please note, that the maximum goal differential a team may earn in a single game is 3, to prevent the running up of scores.)


  1. Goal kicks are no longer required to clear the penalty box before the ball can be touched. The player that puts the ball into play cannot touch the ball until touched by another player
  2. A hand ball is called when the player plays the ball deliberately with a hand, arm, or shoulder. Accidental hand contact will not be called. This is a judgment call.
  3. Soccer is not a no-contact sport. Physical contact between the players is unavoidable and not necessarily a foul. Referees are instructed to ensure that the games are played safely and fairly but not to be preoccupied with trifling or minor offenses.
  4. Throws-ins: Both feet must stay in contact with the ground, either behind or on the touch line. The ball must be thrown with two hands and come completely behind & over the head. 6U and 9U get two chances to throw the ball in correctly. 12U and 13 & OVER get one chance to throw the ball in correctly.
  5. Slide tackling is not allowed. This is difficult to teach properly and is dangerous. YOU MAY SLIDE, but NOT SLIDE TACKLE.
  6. If there is a problem with any referee or the referee does not show up for a game inform the referee coordinator.
  7. Except for the rules listed below, the FIFA “Laws of the Game” shall apply:
    1. Either team may substitute during most dead-ball situations goal kick, after a goal or after an injury (one for one). The team awarded a throw-in or a corner kick may substitute. If the team awarded the throw-in or corner kick substitutes then the opposing may also substitute. If the team awarded the throw-in or corner kick elects to not substitute then the opposing team may not substitute.
    2.  Substitutions shall be:
      1. Unlimited in number.
      3.  Made with permission of the referee.
    3. If a team is short players then it is expected that both teams will field the same amount of players.
    4. If a team has no substitutes for the game, they can request the referees to play QUARTERS. CLOCK WILL NOT STOP FOR THE QUICK (30 SECONDS - 1 MINUTE) QUARTER BREAK.
    5. Number of players:
      1. 6U
        • Boys: 5v5
        • Girls: 5v5
      2. 9U
        • Boys: 7v7
        • Girls: 7v7
      3. 12U
        • Boys: 9v9
        • Girls: 9v9
      4. 13+
        • Boys: 11v11
        • Girls: 11v11
    6. Length of game:
      1. 6U two 20 minute halves
      2. 9U & 12U two 25 minute halves
      3. 13 & OVER two 30 minute halves
    7. Overtime:
    8. Offside will be enforced as follows:
      1. 6U: No offsides
      2. 9U: Build out line will be enforced (Build Line Rules)
      3. 12U & 13 & OVER: Offside will be called. 
      • Note: To be considered offside, the player must be in an offside position and be participating in that play at the time the ball is played by a member of his team.
    9. No slide tackling is allowed.  An indirect free kick will be awarded to the other team for any slide tackle.
    10. If there is contact on the Slide Tackle, then it's a Direct Free Kick. YOU MAY SLIDE, but NOT SLIDE TACKLE.
    11. U6 and 9U get two chances to throw the ball in legally.
    12. 9U and 13 & OVER get one chance to throw the ball in legally.

    8. No Heading 6U, 9U and 12U(Heading Rules). Heading will be allowed in 13 and OVER age groups.




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